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  • Bob Knight

Cannabis Digital Marketing: Do's & Don'ts

Ready to dive into digital marketing for your cannabis brand? Make sure you’re jumping in with someone who knows how to swim - and has a life preserver.

The market is hungry for information on cannabis, but to nobody’s surprise, regulations have not caught up to popular demand, and getting content to consumers can be tough. There are a number of missteps a cannabis brand can make online which can easily get you banned. And some of the best cannabis brands in the world have been banned for an innocent mistake! The reality is, it can happen to anyone. The key is having the right strategy and backup plan ready to go from the start.

Cannabis Digital Marketing Don’ts

The following will get you banned, so avoid these pitfalls:

  • Highlighting bud leaves or marijuana symbols.

  • Stating that you are selling cannabis products.

  • Posting medical claims.

  • Using cannabis-related hashtags on posts.

  • Putting dollar signs in your copy.

  • Using creative that implies cannabis consumption.

  • Including a link for sale of cannabis-related products.

Cannabis Digital Marketing Do’s

What should your cannabis brand be doing on social media?

  • Have strategic yet flexible digital marketing and social media plans, as well as a content strategy. This will enable you to adapt to whatever changes come down the line in this evolving market.

  • Stay up to date on current rules and regulations within the industry, as well as on social platforms.

  • Educate your customers. Post informative content that educates customers of the health benefits of cannabis. Just don’t make any outright medical claims.

  • Check your sources. You want to ensure that the information you provide is from a reliable and trustworthy source.

  • Post shots of products that reference health and lifestyle without promoting recreational cannabis use.

How to Protect Your Brand

Also, remember that there’s more than content and graphics to consider. Start by developing a guide for employees about how to behave when representing the brand. Establish clear instructions about what to do in the case of a negative comment or message; have a crisis management plan in place in case something goes awry; and most importantly, stick to the rules of marketing cannabis online. If your account is banned, you’ll have to rebuild your social following from scratch with a new name, and any brand equity you’ve built will be lost. That's why it's important to have a strategic backup plan.

Marketing your cannabis business on social media comes with its fair share of risks, considering that cannabis use is still illegal in some areas. It’s important to be extra cautious on what you put online and to stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding cannabis. Focus on your social media marketing strategy on customer education while also staying compliant. Remember, your brand’s reputation is on the line. If you’d like to speak with us about creating a digital cannabis strategy for you, call (914) 242-0010 or go to


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