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  • Bob Knight

Facebook Awards Harrison Edwards PR With Rare 'Marketing Partner' Designation

The Harrison Edwards PR Digital Team

A few members of the Harrison Edwards PR & Marketing Team

Bob Knight, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Harrison Edwards PR & Marketing announced today that the firm has been selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner, one of the digital marketing industry’s most important accolades. Harrison Edwards is now one of only 154 agencies in the nation to receive the distinction for Campaign Management which unlocks additional marketing and analytic resources on Facebook and Instagram, the two most-important social media platforms in the United States. Facebook says its marketing partners are “counted among the best in the industry.”

“We’re really pleased to be recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner,” says Knight. “Agencies typically apply for this coveted distinction, however, Facebook surprised us after a recent conference call saying they were making Harrison Edwards a Marketing Partner. I think this points to the smart strategies, attention to detail, and the strong relationship with Facebook that our digital team has cultivated.”

In selecting their Marketing Partners, Facebooks evaluates agencies on six criteria: ad technology, creative platforms, small business solutions, offline conversions, measurement, and community management. Additionally, they determine if the agency has the resources to stay current, can bring something new to the program, and demonstrates a track record of client success. Harrison Edwards met the criteria and regularly places advertising on Facebook and Instagram platforms on behalf of a wide spectrum of clients and industries—from apps and political campaigns, to healthcare and real estate.

Harrison Edwards PR is now a Facebook Marketing Partner

“The campaigns we’ve executed have generated millions in direct revenue for clients and millions more in impressions and search traffic,” explains Jennifer Galluzzo, Director of Digital Marketing, Harrison Edwards. “There is no question that Facebook and Instagram are among the most effective marketing platforms in the industry.”

Knight says that Galluzzo along with Lisa Buchman, Vice President, Harrison Edwards were instrumental in helping the agency land the important partnership with Facebook that will undoubtedly benefit Harrison Edwards’ clients. “Their hard work and strategies paved the way for this incredible opportunity.”

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