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  • Bob Knight

Volunteer New York! Launches Virtual Volunteer Center, A Central Hub for COVID-19 Volunteer Response

In partnership with nonprofit, state and disaster recovery leaders, Volunteer New York! announced today the mobilization and launch of its Virtual Volunteer Center, which will serve as a hub for listing all COVID-19 (coronavirus) response and recovery volunteer opportunities in our region.

COVID-19 volunteer opportunities range from checking in on community members, delivering food to the homebound, leading online classes to engage seniors, joining the Red Cross, driving seniors to medical appointments and more.

“Volunteer New York! is geared to serve our local community and respond to pressing needs as they arise,” said Alisa H. Kesten, Volunteer New York! Executive Director. “In just 48 hours, local nonprofits have added 36 opportunities to the Virtual Volunteer Center and we expect that number to continue to grow, especially as those most vulnerable are exposed to the compounding effects of isolation and lack of goods and services.”

Kesten continued, “Volunteer New York! will periodically post updates. In our community, residents want to take action and we want to direct them where needs have been identified. We encourage anyone looking to make a difference and volunteer safely to start here and share this resource as widely as possible.”

Local nonprofits with COVID-19 response and recovery opportunities are encouraged to submit their needs as they emerge.


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