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  • Bob Knight

How To Build Your Cannabis Buzz Online

The cannabis industry is growing, well, like a weed. And digital marketing can help establish your business. But to cash in on this opportunity, entrepreneurs need to understand the special ins and outs of digital marketing and media that apply to this unique industry. Knowledge of current digital guidelines is a must, and so is preparing a rock-solid marketing strategy. Otherwise, you could find your account banned from some of the biggest social media platforms and markets—and your customers won’t be able to find you.

The Cannabis Industry & Social Platforms

The cannabis industry faces many regulatory, political, and legal challenges. Because cannabis is not yet federally legal, there are many strict standards and regulatory mandates about cannabis marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and other online marketing channels have strict rules about what’s allowed.

Unfortunately, most social and digital platforms aren’t cannabis friendly. Each social media platform has its own set of terms and policies when it comes to posting content about cannabis. (See table.) However, there are ways to work around the system without breaking any rules.

1. Create quality educational and relatable content for communities works well. For example, describe how the product is grown and the differences between cannabis varieties. Just avoid the hard sell.

2. Prioritize your visuals. A stellar visual identity is fundamental to any successful brand. Each social media post should reflect your brand identity to build brand awareness.

3. Find influencers and content creators who can amplify your message beyond your own community and introduce your brand to new audiences. Connect with them through social media.

What’s Each Social Platform Good For?

  • Meta/Facebook is a good platform to build your brand, cultivate a community, listen to consumers, and provide customer service.

  • Instagram and TikTok are ideal for boosting brand awareness by showcasing educational and artistic posts and connecting with influencers and creators.

  • Twitter is best to share news and provide customer service.

  • LinkedIn is a great place to connect with business decision makers and experts.

  • Pinterest provides an outlet for inspiration and ideas for your interests and hobbies.

  • Google Ads provide a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience.

If you’d like to speak with us to discuss how we can help you build your cannabis brand and business, call (914) 242-0010 or click here.


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