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  • Bob Knight

Welcoming UTOPIA Fiber to the Harrison Edwards Family of Clients

UTOPIA's Demonstration Center in Murray, UT

The UTOPIA Fiber Demonstration Center in Murray, Utah.

Harrison Edwards is pleased to welcome UTOPIA Fiber to its family of clients. Based in Salt Lake City, UTOPIA is the nation's largest Open Access fiber network offering business services in 50 cities and providing a fiber-to-the-home network in 14. Since 2015, UTOPIA has doubled its number of subscribers and has partnered with a long list of communities. Earlier this year, UTOPIA announced it was crossing state lines to become an operational partner with Idaho Falls Fiber in Idaho.

In November, UTOPIA's partner entity, the Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA), raised $48 million for the expansion of the UTOPIA network. It was the fourth and largest round that UIA raised in 2019.

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