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  • Bob Knight

Fiber-Broadband is the Future: Millions Now Successfully Connected in U.S.

In this morning's news, it was reported that a market disruptor, new to the fiber-broadband space, was experiencing financial troubles.

While it's difficult to receive news like this--some of their talented employees are friends--it's important to remember that deploying a fiber-broadband network is a sophisticated process, honed by professionals with years of experience.

America's leading fiber-broadband professionals have connected millions of people in America’s urban, suburban, and rural communities, and have a robust pipeline of projects in the hopper.

The industry is saddened that a new entrant was unable to change the way communities invest, but it's important to remember that one startup’s financial troubles are not emblematic of the wider broadband industry. When planned properly by experienced professionals, fiber-broadband networks are quite successful and make for a sound investment.

Fiber-broadband is the future.

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