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  • Bob Knight

Broadband Community Engagement: HEPR's Knight to Share Views at Mountain Connect 2019 Session

Mountain Connect will be held at Keystone Resort in Dillan, CO this year

Keystone Resort in Dillon, CO will be home to 2019 the Mountain Connect Conference

There is a considerable amount of focus on how community networks market themselves to residents and businesses. Only a few years ago, marketing was an afterthought for fiber network builders. Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that to build and operate a successful community network, community engagement and marketing need to be in place before the network is built, and once the network is lit.

Bob Knight, Executive VP of Broadband and Chief Operating Officer at Harrison Edwards will be part of the Community Development Session: "The Forgotten Key to Sustainability: How Marketing is the Difference Between the Life and Death of Your Network," at Mountain Connect 2019 June 24-26 in Keystone, Colorado.

With more than 200 fiber-broadband projects currently underway in the United States--a 400% increase in just four years--community leaders are exploring how marketing can help protect their investment.

"Fiber projects contain risk, so when they are backed by public dollars or private investment (or both), parties look to minimize their exposure. In fiber projects, this is accomplished by securing political will and driving public demand for fiber service," says Knight., who leads the Harrison Edwards broadband team, the group widely viewed as the nation's leading experts in community engagement for broadband projects.

Knight will be joined on the panel by by Kim McKinley, Chief Marketing Officer of Utah's UTOPIA Network, the nation's most successful Open Access network. The session will be moderated by Doug Adams of The Think Agency that is helping to produce the conference.


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