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  • Bob Knight

Meet The Harrison Edwards Broadband Team Tomorrow at Connected NE

Ah, autumn in New England. Those colors. That crisp air. The robust dialogue about widespread broadband and small cell / 5G deployment!

It all happens Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut at New England Connect, a day-long regional conference on ensuring fast, reliable broadband internet for all..

The conference will examine how Connecticut's mayors have successfully deployed fiber in their communities, and how they are readying for the proliferation of small cell antennas. Speakers will share their successful models, and there will be an update on the Municipal Gain, Connecticut's unique rule allowing government to use a portion of telephone poles for the public good and at no cost.

Additional panels will cover upcoming 5G and small cell deployments (critically-important information for local officials to understand), financing and E-Rate options, and the public release of the film Dividing Lines: Why is Internet Access Still a Luxury in America.

Harrison Edwards will have members of our broadband team at Connected New England to discuss the vital role of political will, community/stakeholder engagement, how to manage misinformation (typically spread by project opponents), and how to tell your community's story effectively in the press, on social media, and online.. No project moves forward without people, politics, press, and funding. (More on our special broadband microsite here.)

Connected New England is organized by Next Century Cities, the nation's leading nonprofit membership organization supporting communities and their elected officials in their quest to ensure that all have access to fast and reliable internet, and the Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel / State Broadband Office.

Contact Bob Knight if you're like to set up a discussion at the conference.

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