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  • Bob Knight

Meet the Harrison Edwards Team July 23 at Next Century Cities Pittsburgh Summit

On July 23 and 24, scores of government leaders, engineers, policy makers, and broadband industry thought leaders, will convene in Pittsburgh for Next Century Cities' Regional Broadband Summit. The Summit will cover everything from policy to 5G deployment. Keynotes from Blair Levin, senior fellow, Brookings Institution, who is also a former Chief of Staff at the FCC and author of the National Broadband Plan, will serve as morning Keynote Speaker. Former FCC Chair and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will deliver a timely luncheon Keynote on the repeal of Net Neutrality rules.

"One of Next Century Cities' many strengths is its ability to convene the broadband industry's leading voices, with community leaders who are ready to take action," says Bob Knight, executive Vice President and COO of Harrison Edwards. "Next Century Cities is a remarkable resource for municipalities and counties throughout the nation."

On Monday, the Harrison Edwards team will be at the Summit to help communities engage stakeholders, manage their message, build public buy-in, and brand and market broadband projects.

The role of stakeholder support and funding

The latest data from SNG shows that over 90% of proposed broadband projects fail to move forward, mostly due to lack of public support and funding. The data presents a challenge for communities seeking high-speed broadband for economic development and digital inclusion purposes.

"Communities that engaged stakeholders at the onset of broadband projects sail through the process with relative ease. Once stakeholders understand the economic and social benefits of broadband, they tend to be quite supportive and projects are more easily funded," adds Knight,

Does your community have a forthcoming broadband project? Let's set up a conversation in Pittsburgh!


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