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  • Bob Knight

Highland, Illinois Taps Harrison Edwards for Broadband Stakeholder Engagement

Highland, Illinois

Harrison Edwards team members will be facilitating work groups on October 9th at the Broadband Impact Symposium in Highland, Illinois. The symposium will bring together business leaders, community members, government officials, nonprofit agencies, and anchor institutions to identify ways to grow the city's economy on top of Highland's new gigabit-speed fiber network. Also attending the symposium will be dozens of officials throughout the State of Illinois and leaders from the Greater St. Louis Area.

Strategic Networks Group, North America's leading broadband economists, will lead several of the day's sessions with help from Insite Solutions, the Atlanta-based broadband and smart cities consulting firm.

"City of Highland is a community uniquely positioned to thrive in the new economy," says Bob Knight, executive vice president and COO at Harrison Edwards. "Highland has the existing fiber network that everyone else wants. Now, it's up to the city's stakeholders to identify and build a digital economy that will propel Highland forward for the next several decades."

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